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Fit.. Finally is an online suite of fat loss programs created by trainer (and now also a health coach) Betty Hartley.


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The Fit Finally programs and guides are based on over 600 research studies conducted by some of the biggest Universities and research teams of the world.

We take pride in the fact that our passion for better health and fitness is 100% backed by science and helps 100’s (if not 1000’s) of people every year since 2010.


The Fit Finally Programs & Guides

The Eat 2 Lose Nutrition Program

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The Eat 2 Lose nutrition program is the heart of the Fit… Finally suite. It has been proven time and again through numerous researches and studies that nutrition is the cornerstone of a successful weight regime.

Only when you can manage the ‘what goes in’ part will you ever be successful in the desirable ‘what goes out’ conclusion.

Although the most difficult part about this is the “how” part.

The Eat 2 Lose nutrition program teaches exactly that!

And best of all… without calorie counting or mind numbing calculations and math!





The “No Equipment” Workout

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The most effective ‘side kick’ to a great Nutrition program is a great workout.

Fit.. Finally’s home based, zero-equipment workout is perfect for burning those extra calories, increasing your strength, and maintaining your muscle tone and ‘lean shape’ when you start dropping that flab!

There are many different ‘workout combos’ in this guide with varying intensities, suitable for beginners and professional builders.

Goes hand-in-hand with, and highly recommended with the Eat 2 Lose Nutrition program.

The Cravings Control Formula

Almost over 50-60% of all overweight people suffer from some kind of food cravings.

Be it emotional eating, or just yearning for specific foods (sugar!), cravings can be extremely difficult to control and conquer when you are on your weight loss journey.

Fit Finally’s Cravings Control formula is a 100% scientific program to not only eliminate your food cravings, but also to instill some much needed habits in your daily routine.

Suitable and highly recommended for all people already on their weight loss journey!





The 14 Day Power Cleanse

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Cleansing does not mean some psychological or spiritual hoopla-boopla. In the Fit Finally nomenclature, cleansing means hitting the reset switch of your body, especially your digestive system.

The 14 day cleanse is different from most “detox diets” out there since you WON’T be starving yourself or just sipping lemondade(!)… instead with this unique approach, you’ll actually eat f.o.o.d on the cleanse!

Cleansing on the Fit Finally program means cleaning you from toxins such as hormone residues, chemicals, dirty air and water, and artificial stimulants.

The Fat Loss & Motivation Blueprint

The two main ingredients required in any successful weight loss journey is adherence and motivation. By adherence, I mean how well you can ‘follow’ and ‘stick’ to a fitness program. And that’s still doable, where most of us fail is… ongoing motivation.

Motivation has an inverse relationship with time, it’s always higher initially, and slowly diminishing with each passing day. Can you do anything about it?

Of course you can!

With Fit Finally’s Motivation Blueprint, you’ll unearth YOUR own reasons to lose weight, discover YOUR own source of continuous motivation.

An ongoing ‘supply’ of motivation almost always guarantees that you’ll succeed in this quest!





The Mind Game Guide

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Ok, so the name sounds a bit out there, but trust me when you have been trying to get back in shape for a long time without much success, it IS the mind that’s the problem.

The Mind Game is the ultimate step-by-step goal setting and ‘inner game’ guide. It is specifically created to be used in conjunction with the rest of the Fit Finally programs.

It is a detailed guide with considerable depth, and goes well over 100 pages. But the time you have finished it, the “mind” will no longer be an obstacle in your journey.

The Complete Fit Finally Program!

Get the entire suite of our programs and guide in the complete Fit Finally program!

The complete Fit Finally program includes ALL the earlier guides and programs PLUS a range of additional ‘goodies’ like our massive recipe collection, the Fit Finally weekly plan, our ‘Staircase Workout’ and much more…

… And if you add the price of all the earlier guides and programs, it would cost upwards of $250, but you can now get them all PLUS the extras in this bundled offer for just… $149!