Instead of fixing symptoms
with diets and workouts…

… Fix The *Root* Cause Of Your Obesity:
Your Daily Habits!

  • Instead of fixing symptoms with diets and workouts…

    Fix The *Root* Cause Of Your Obesity = Your Daily Habits!

And discover how to do it perfectly with the Fit Finally Foundation program…

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What’s This Foundation
Program All About?

It’s All About Losing Weight With Daily Habits And Systems.

Foundation is Fit Finally’s unique habit based fat loss program that helps you discover the most effective habits and techniques required to lose weight in the long run.

The goal is something like this…

Change in behavior brings change in choices brings real results!

So just like the above image, Foundation is a 100% online program that helps you make small habit changes that naturally improve your choices, which leads to long term results.

The core of the program is a combination of our unique habit based behavior system, combined with the world’s only honest detox and cleanse plan.

And because of this dual habit and detox system, you are not only able to lose massive unwanted weight, but also drastically improve your health and body composition.

In short, with these two systems in one program, you get the most practical habit based body transformation system.

“Honest” Cleanse, What Does That Mean?

If you search for the words “detox” or “cleanse”, 9 out of 10 times you’ll end up on shady websites selling ‘gut cleanse’ and other unproven (and often dangerous) powders, pills, and what nots.

Conversely, a “honest” cleanse means exactly that – ‘cleaning’ your system with 100% natural methods, aka, using a detoxing (and a very tasty!) food plan.

That’s what the Fit Finally Cleanse Plan is all about, detoxing, resting and cleansing your digestive system with real foods.

See this glimpse of what’s inside the honest cleanse plan…

The Main Manual

Explaining the logic and science behind the plan

Full Meal Plans

With detailed recipes and pictures

Shopping List

Includes all the foods required for the 9 day cleanse

9 Day Calendar

Quickly see your to-do’s, as well as a measurement table

And unlike restrictive detox plans that leave you hungry and irritated, the Fit Finally cleanse plan will have you eating energy laden tasty foods, like veggie scrambles, berry blasts, delicious lettuce wraps, etc.

Here are the 3 steps of the cleanse plan:

  • Preparing For The Cleanse

    Preparing your body for the cleanse, setting you up for success by slowly removing inflammatory, acidic foods, giving a much deserved rest to your digestive system.

  • Lowering Inflammation With Toxin-Fighting Foods

    Step 2 is the enjoyable part! Eating delicious toxin-fighting foods 4 times a day that naturally clean your body of unwanted chemicals and toxins.

  • All Set For Long Term Fat Loss

    Now, you’ve set up yourself for continued, long term fat loss success.

In short, what we are doing is getting your mind (with habits) and your body (with the cleanse) 100% prepped for long term weight loss.
So get in now while we are running this sale!


SSL Secured, One-Time Payment of $34.95

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Now Just $14

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And What’s Inside The Main Foundation Guide?

Since you’re reading this page, I assume you’ve already been through the sneak preview of the program. (Do read it if you haven’t, we touch many important factors in there.)

In the preview, you saw that long term fat loss results are obtained ONLY, AND ONLY by adopting small yet powerful daily habits, over weeks and months.

Well, the Foundation’s dual Habit and Cleanse plan teaches you exactly HOW to do that, step by step!

Right from discovering…

  1. The entire false propaganda fed to us for the last few years.
  2. Next, it will teach you how to  live and lead a healthy life … NOT a starved life! So NO depriving yourself, no counting calories!
  3. Then you will discover the  exact science behind forming those critical daily habits  that lead to dropping unwanted fat, AND vastly improving your fitness!
  4. Next, you’ll reach the inevitable juncture, where 95% people fail – how to stay accountable.
  5. Then you’ll see the million dollar “daily ritual” method.
  6. And how about tasting success with the snowball technique that will literally create a giant “habit snowball”!
  7. Then you’ll see the  massive power behind doing… LESS! 
  8. Of course, with my prediction method, you’ll be able to predict EXACTLY where you’ll be, one year from now.
  9. Next – The reason behind  why S.M.A.R.T. goals FAIL , and how you can COMPLETELY avoid it!
  10. Ultimately – the purpose of the program is to empowering you to avoid pitfalls, so you can start enjoying every day of your life… without obsessing about food ever again.

So while the “experts” out there go on their “improve your lifestyle” rants, Foundation  takes a 360° turn and actually teaches you HOW to do it! 

What’s The Price Of This Program?And Hopefully No “Recurring” Charges?

This Foundation program normally sells for $34.95, but you’re seeing this page at a very good time.

Currently, for a few days, we’re having a sale on some of our programs and the Foundation program is currently being offered at a very sweet 60% discount, making it available to you for just $14!

Secondly, there are no rebilling, recurring or other charges. It’s just a one-time payment.

In fact, we use the highly reputed payment gateways, Stripe and Paypal, who not only process payments securely, but also ensure that only ethical vendors work with them.

What If I Don’t Like Something?

First of all, if you agree with our overall approach of assigning more importance to habits and systems over fad diets and gimmicks, then I can almost guarantee that you’ll totally love the Foundation.

However, yes, we all are different.

So let’s say that you do not like something in the program, there’s absolutely no need to worry as I offer a “no questions asked”, industry shattering 101 days refund guarantee.

You have my rock solid 101 days refund guarantee

All you have to do is simply contact me through the contact page and… done! No jumping through “tickets” and “support desk” hoops.

A 101 Days Guarantee! Really? Why?

Two reasons:

1 The diet companies that give you 7, 15 or even 30 day guarantees probably do not believe in their own products. I mean, how in the world can a product bring a true body transformation in just 15 or 30 days? It just can’t!

And that’s why you see the 15 or 30 day guarantees on most weight loss products because… they want to keep the liability at a minimum!

2 Whereas, what I know beyond doubt is – weight loss takes time. To see some really decent results, it WILL take as much as 8 to 12 weeks.

So to take all pressure off your mind, I go beyond the 15 or 30 day guarantee period and give you a full 101 days (14+ weeks)…

I firmly stand behind my programs, and if they don’t help you or you don’t like them for any reason, why would I even want to keep your hard earned money!?

In short, your money is totally safe, you can get the program with complete peace of mind.

So How Soon Can I Start? Do You Ship Me Books?


The entire Foundation program is instantly readable online, and/or downloadable.

I strongly believe that you should be able to access your programs from anywhere in the world, and what better than your phone/ipad/tablet to read and refer anytime, from anywhere.

So as soon as you complete your payment, you will get a username/password just like your email, using which you can access the program at any time.

Another great advantage – Easy updates. With printed books, it would get harder for updates to reach everyone, whereas when it’s all digital, we update something and you get the updated version instantly.

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect?


First of all, with this Foundation program, you are prepping up for some massive long term improvements in ALL aspects of your health!

Because, with good habits comes good health, energy, mental clarity, physical fitness and endurance.

So the first part, the habit system will take you beyond “just weight loss goals”, and in fact, reboot YOU to a new, improved version.

You can expect a lot of new, healthy daily habits being formed, a lot of unhealthy ones corrected, and a complete shift in your perspective when it comes to weight loss.


Next, with the Fit Finally Cleanse plan, you may see some quick weight loss, but more importantly, you will prepare yourself for long term weight loss.

Meaning, let’s say there’s this car that’s done many a thousand miles, the engine’s all clogged up, the piston’s have lost their fire, the tires are weary, and you just give it a complete makeover from the inside out!

Well, the car now gives you awesome acceleration, mileage, service, and it would be one heck of a dependable machine for many more days ahead.

That’s how your body will be after the cleanse – ready for massive weight loss, rejuvenated from the core, and overall a much, much better dependable machine.

Have Other People
Used This Program?

Yes! The program’s been online for almost 4 years now… and I’m happy to say that our refund rate has been less than 1.2%! Right since 2013!

Here are some emails, pics and user reviews…

…at 172 pounds last month n have lost about 5.5 pounds so far…


Kelly from London lost a whopping 72 pounds…

…have lost about 8-9 pounds in the last 7 weeks…


And here are some recent members sharing their quick video reviews…

” …was literally nodding along as I kept reading… “
” … in the last 15 days, I’ve lost 3.5 pounds… “
” … lost 11 pounds in 3 months without any diet… “

And here’s a review from a popular blogger “Skinny Bonny”…

Bonny Monro reviews the program


So if you truly wish to lose weight for the long term, WITHOUT depending on shakes, pills and even diets or workouts…

If you are honestly tired of all the unrealistic claims, ridiculous products and bizarre gadgets out there…

And if you are totally frustrated with a new “cutting edge” drink/pill/shake every week…

Then I invite you to give this simple, “non-diet” core system a honest try.

Let’s Build Your Foundation

… your vital habits, and let’s NEVER depend on those ‘monthly subscription’ products ever again!

I genuinely hope to see you inside…

Let’s Fix The Root Cause, And Let’s Build Your Habit Foundation For Massive Fat Loss.


SSL Secured, One-Time Payment of $34.95

Now Just $14

Now Just $14

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Start The Program Now

Start The Program


Instant access   No monthly billing   100% Guaranteed

And Here’s What You Exactly Get With The “no-diet” Foundation Course…

1 The Foundation guide

The core guide that will teach you the critical steps, systems, methods, and everything in between to turn you into a “habit jedi”!

Instantly available as:   

2 The 8 Brain Hacks Guide

In continuation to the core guide, this next resource will teach you 8 practical brain hacks to inculcate those new habits and routines in your life.

Instantly available as:   

3 The Honest Cleanse Plan

The Fit Finally 9 Day Cleanse Plan comes with:

  1. The Full Manual
  2. Full Detailed Recipes
  3. The Plan’s Calendar
  4. Daily Affirmations
  5. Required Shopping List
So let’s get started with 3 core resources that will literally change your life, one day at a time.


SSL Secured, One-Time Payment of $34.95

Now Just $14

Now Just $14

(Apply coupon big60
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Start The Program Now

Start The Program




P.S. Remember that diets and workout come much later in the equation. First you need to know and form those critical daily habits.

P.P.S. Foundation is your chance to join over 15000 other people who ARE currently doing it without depending on any external “aids”.

Join us and see the magic yourself, you have a full 101 days guarantee, so you can carefully go through everything at your own pace.

I end this page with a quote from one of my favorite movies, The Matrix…

I can only show you the door … you have to walk through it…
– Morpheus


SSL Secured, One-Time Payment of $34.95

Now Just $14

Now Just $14

(Apply coupon big60
on the next page)

Start The Program Now

Start The Program