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Before I tell you more about Fit Finally, I want you to just take a second before and think about all the diets you have heard about and read about in recent years. Each diet had its own little “hook” that made it stand out, and each diet has thousands of loyal followers that swore that their diet was the only one that worked.

Now consider the real-world evidence that is right before your eyes. Every day you see hundreds of people, all with different body shapes and all following different diets.

I will use professional bodybuilding as an example. Imagine two groups of bodybuilders ready to step on stage at the highest level of competition; their veins popping out everywhere, with tanned, oiled skin, and almost nonexistent body fat.

The first group consists of bodybuilders from the 1950’s and 1960’s. These bodybuilders were able to get into phenomenal shape using diets that were low in fat, high in carbohydrates with moderate amounts of protein.

The second group consists of bodybuilders from the 1990’s and beyond. They got into phenomenal shape using very different diets that consist of moderate amounts of fat, low carbohydrates, and very high amounts of protein.

Both groups of bodybuilders were unbelievably lean. Both groups used various supplements and drugs. However, both groups followed very different nutrition plans. Yet, somehow they all managed to get their body fat down to unbelievably low levels.

Throughout the last five decades, the diets of bodybuilders have changed dramatically. Depending on the bodybuilder and the era, they may have eaten six meals a day, or they may have eaten more than a dozen!

Some bodybuilders ate red meat while others did not. Some did hours of cardio, some did no cardio at all, yet they were all able to lose fat and get into ‘contest shape’.

The reason all these bodybuilders could get in shape on so many different styles of diets is simple: for short periods of time, every diet will work if it recommends some form of caloric restriction. Now, there’s no denying that if you follow a calorie-restricted diet you will lose weight, guaranteed.


e problem is, you simply cannot follow a super-restrictive diet for a long period of time.

Sure, a truly dedicated individual may be able to follow a very restrictive diet for maybe 12-14 weeks and get into phenomenal shape.

With the right amount of dedication, a person can even look like they just stepped off the cover of a fitness magazine. But a

very, very small and unique group can do this for years on end.

For the rest of us, this way of eating is too restrictive, too intrusive on our lives, and far too limiting to be done effectively for any real length of time.

Now, what if I told you that these types of long restrictive diets are simply

not necessary

for weight loss?

What if I told you that there is a way to eat and a way to live that can give you amazing health benefits, help you lose weight, and does not involve any prolonged periods of food restrictions, eating schedules, supplements, or meal plans?

In the Fit Finally program, I am going to share with you a discovery that I made as a result of extensive research, a career in the paramedical field, tryouts be real women, and a complete obsession with nutrition.

I am going to present you with the reasons why I think most diet plans are unnecessary, too restrictive, and ultimately too complicated to work long term.

And most importantly, I am going to describe what I believe to be the single best way to eat and live that will help you lose weight and keep it off, without any of the complex plans, rules, and equations that is typical of most diets.




r all, I don’t consider this method of eating a diet.

It’s a way of eating that restricts calories, but that can also ultimately grow into a way of life.

I must warn you in advance, many of these ideas are ‘different’ in that they do not agree with the current nutrition trends. I promised myself when starting this project that I would not merely accept the current rules of nutrition just because they happened to be the rules that are currently

en vogue


As the bodybuilders in the example prove, many different styles of nutrition can result in the development of astonishing physiques. There probably is no “right” way to eat. The best we can hope for is finding the way that works the best for you.

Nutrition, just like all science and medicine, is always evolving and changing. So even though the ideas in this book may be radical now, I believe that someday they just might be the new rules of nutrition!

I am positive that if you go through my program with an open mind, you will find that everything I have discovered makes sense. It may be different than what


else is telling you, but it is proven and backed up by a large quantity of scientific research, real “human trials” and it can simply… change your life.

Without further ado… I welcome you to the Fit Finally way of life…

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  • A FIT life that needs no external ‘aids’ (shakes/pills)…
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  • A life that is in YOUR control!

The Price? Or rather I should say the INVESTMENT n yourself?

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